Thursday, October 27, 2022

Cass County, Michigan, Burial Mounds and Giant Human Skeletons

 Cass County, Michigan, Burial Mounds and Giant Human Skeletons

This is the best preserved of four mounds that are still visible in Summerville, Cass County, Michigan. This mound is situated on a lawn at the corner of Pokagon and Wood roads.  Photo from, "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley." 7- and 8-foot giants  discovered nearby in Kalamazoo Michigan : 7 and 8 Foot Ancient Skeletons Discovered in a Burial Mound Near Kalamazoo, Michigan
National Labor Tribune, March 2, 1899

     Michigan Giants of Old- During the investigation of the mounds in Pokagon Township, Cass County, Mich., the bones of perhaps 100 persons were found in the center of one mound and under these, separated from his companions, were the bones of a man who in life must have been fully nine feet tall, occupying a sitting position, with his feet under him. A number of copper bodkins or pins, from two to three inches in length, were found and also pins made from the bones of a wolf. There were numerous copper hatches, two edged and sharp, one of which was wrapped in a linen cloth resembling in texture those of today.