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Ancient Giant Humans with Modern Dental Work Found In Concrete Vault in Missouri

 Ancient Giant Humans with Modern Dental Work Found in Concrete Vault in Missouri

Giant skeletons with archaic features were also found in Missouri,. Many giants discxovered in Missouri www.nephilimgiants.net : Large Human Osage Hopewell Mound Builders Skeleton Discovered in a Missouri Cave

Morning Herald, Uniontown, Pennsylvania December 27, 1934
Eight Giant Skeletons Unearthed
     Springfield, Mo., Dec. 26-Discovery of eight giant human skeletons arranged in four layers so that each pair formed a cross, in a shallow Indian mound near here apparently shed new light on religious customs of prehistoric tribes who once inhabited the Ozarks.
     The Rev. E. P. Newberry, Springfield archaeologist, believed it “highly probable” that the crosses formed by the skeletons were of religious significance.
    “The Indian cross,” he explained, “has always indicated a place of worship in this particular case it seems a reasonable supposition that the eight skeletons were those of a high priest of some cult and his attendants.
     “It was the custom of some tribes to sacrifice a priest's attendants when the priest died, and to bury them with him just as dead man's horse, dog, and food were buried with him.”
   In the crook of an arm of one of the skeletons was found an ancient stone sacrificial bowl, with markings which were exactly like four strange idols recently discovered by Mr. Newberry in the Coleman cavern north of Springfield.
     Other evidence that a race of cultured people lived in this vicinity in prehistoric times, Mr. Newberry said consisted of a vault made of a high type of concrete, found on a farm near Odessa, and dental work in teeth of other skeletons which he has unearthed. American Indians, he explained, never made very good concrete, and never made dental repairs.