Thursday, March 23, 2023

Molds For Copper (Bronze) Weapons Discovered in Wisconsin: Rewriting History


 Molds For Copper (Bronze) Weapons Discovered in Wisconsin: Rewriting History

These weapons were identical to Middle Bronze Age weapons used by the giant Amorites who controlled Babylon. More here. : Biblical Amorites Weapons of the Great Lakes Copper Culture

Finds like these molds have been suppressed by archaeologists because it refutes their outdated Berengian Theory.  The lies continue...

Prehistoric America, 1899

     The Mound Builders are supposed to have been quite ignorant of any process of fusing metals, and their weapons, or implements of copper, were, as we have more than once remarked, shaped by hammering. A recent discovery, however, is claimed to modify this opinion and to prove that in one place at least the Mound Builders understood the art of smelting metals. Some recent excavations in Wisconsin have yielded not only implements of copper but the very molds in which they are supposed to have been cast. It is desirable that other facts should confirm an assertion upsetting the hitherto generally received opinion.' It has been held by some and with much probability, that the moulds were used in the process of shaping cold copper, a piece of approximately similar form having been put into the mould and hammered until it took the shape of the cavity. The experiment was successfully tried by Dr. Hoy with one of the stone molds.

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