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Celtic Stone Circle is Uncovered at Point Pleasant, West Virginia


Celtic Stone Circle is Uncovered at Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Another piece of evidence that links the Ohio Valley mound builders with the earlier Megalithic Celtic culture of England. A short distance from this site a giant Nephilim skeleton was found within a megalithic chamber in Athens County, Ohio. : Skeletons in Megalithic Arched Giant's Stone Tomb in Athens County, Ohio

Bureau of Ethnology, 12th Annual Report

West Virginia
     Below the mouth of the Kanawha the caving in of the bank of the Ohio had exposed a wall of stone, on some of the slabs of which were rude totemic and other marks made be some pecking tool. Careful excavations revealed a circular enclosure about 100 feet diameter, Inside measurements. The wall was composed of angular slabs of various sizes from the hills nearby and averaged 25 feet across the base by 3 1/2 in height. Many of the stones bore evidence of fire, the spaces between them (they were laid flat with joints broken) being Filled with charcoal, ashes, and earth, separate or mixed. No gateway was found, though no doubt one exists at some point not excavated. The sediment from the overflows has accumulated to the depth of about 5 feet since the wall was built, and its existence was never suspected until exposed as above stated by the falling in of the bank. This may not be aboriginal work.