Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nephilim Giant Discovered in Japan with Megalithic Stone Circle

Nephilim Giant Discovered in Japan with Megalithic Stone Circle

Stone circle in Japan is evidence that the megalithic builders once inhabited the Islands. In Japanese history they were known as the Ainu, who were known for their white complexion and large size.  For the complete history of the megalithic builders : Origins of the Megalithic Builders

Mansfield News, July 13, 1918
Bones of Early Japanese show Their Great Height
    Fifteen human skeletons were unearthed in the provinve of Kawachi. This is considered the birthplace of Japanese Civilization. Of the relics of the Japanese stone age discovered by Professor Okushi three of the skeletons were in perfect preservation all bones being intact. East and West News says it rarely happens according to scientific records that so many perfect skeletons are discovered in one place.
 Among indications that people of that period lived on uncooked food is the fact that upper and lower teeth are evenly worn down. Decayed teeth are not found. The bony structure of the skeletons is massive, shin bones in most cases are somewhat flat. Some of these skeletons stand seven feet high and even shorter ones are over six feet. Skeletons were found in a lying position with knees drawn up. Without doubt these people belonged to the stone age in Japan.
    While making the excavation stone implements, earthenware and two copper arrowheads were found. Two white jade earrings were discovered which may be Chinese in origin.