Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scientists Claims Mound Builder Skull Was European

Paleoanthropologist Claims Ohio Mound Builders Skull Had "Caucasian Features." 

   Paleoanthropologist claimed this skull from a burial mound at the Circleville, Ohio had Caucasian attributes. In a clandestine effort to prove that the Beaker People (Stonehenge) had migrated to the Ohio Valley and were responsible for the many henges and conical burial mounds this skull was sent to the foremost expert on ancient skulls in America. (name withheld, but you can guess who it was)
  I had claimed that the racial identity and time frame was unknown.  The response I got was that this skull had many Caucasian qualities. When I told the paleoanthropologist here the skull was from, he recanted his initial findings. (go figure)

Large mound next to the Circleville, Ohio work is where the skull was buried and excavated by the Ohio Historical Society.

The Beaker people who had constructed Stonehenge were a collection of three different groups that included the Corded People, Dinaric and Borreby Cro Magnon or Brachycephalics. (round heads)  All three of these skull types can be found in the Ohio Valley.  All three of these peoples were also known their for their large size.
Above photo showing a Corded Ware (named for pottery that is found across Europe and the British Isles and the Mound Builders in the Ohio Valley.) skull from England and another from the Ohio Valley.

Beaker type pottery with tulip shaped that was influenced from Egypt. One of the pots is from Michigan and the other two were from southern Europe.  Can you tell the difference? Exactly.

Near the area where the pots were found was this skull with archaic or primitive characteristics that was a characteristic of the Beaker People and the Mound Builders in the Ohio Valley.  Can you tell which is from where? Exactly.

A unique head type called Dinaric can be found from the Biblical Lands (Amorites) through Europe to the British Isles. And it is also found in the Ohio Valley mounds.