Thursday, January 16, 2014

Giant Human Skeletons are Discovered on Florida's East Coast

Giant Human Skeletons are Discovered on Florida's East Coast

Shell mounds are found the extent of the Florida shores.  Many of these shell mounds contained the giant remains of an ancient race.

The Palm Beach Post, October 2, 1934
    The continual wash of the Atlantic ocean cutting through a narrow coastal island about one mile south of St. Lucie Inlet has exposed the bones of men evidently laid to rest hundreds of years ago, says the Fort Pierce News-Tribune. Skeletons of nine individuals were discovered, some in the shallow waters of the inlet and others beneath the nearby sand. All of the men were unusually tall and must have been sturdy giants in their day. One jaw bone taken from the site measured eight and a half inches from the joint of the jaw to where it hinged on the skull. One shin bone was almost twice the length of the ordinary shin bone of today.