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Algonquin Indian Legend of a Red Bearded Race of Giants


Algonquin Indian Legend of a Red and Black Bearded Race of Giants

Native American oral tradition of both a red and black-haired race of giants. More Algonquin legends of an ancient race of giants : Algonquin Legend of Giant Race in the Ohio Valley

Historical Collections, Henry Howe, 1888

Although not regarded by the government as reliable, the oral traditions of the native people in the Eastern U.S. describe the existence of possibly two races of giants, one supplanting the other by violent means. Here we have the first inkling of some very remote prehistory preserved, through the tradition of the Chippewa, Sandusky, and Tawa tribes, (members of the Algonquin language group), the existence of giant
bearded men.

 In this connection, I would say that Mr. Jonathan Brooks, now living in town, stated to me, that his

father, Benjamin Brooks, who lived with the Indians fourteen years, and was well-acquainted with their
language and traditions told him and others that it was a tradition of the Indians that the first tribe
occupying this whole country, was a black-bearded race, very large in size, and subsequently a red
bearded race or tribe came and killed or drove off all the black beards, as they called them.