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1800 B.C. California Nephilim Giant With a Double Row of Teeth, is Northern European !

1800 B.C. California Nephilim Giant With a Double Row of Teeth, is Northern European !

On the left is an Archaic skull from Northern Europe with the skull on the right from a burial mound in central California.  Numerous giant skeletons were reported from this region of California, some being described with a double row of teeth.

   These skull types belong to the Maritime Archaic who originated in Northern Europe and began sailing to North America as early as 7,000 B.C.  By 2,000 B.C. they had spread from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Shores.

Free Republic, March 24, 2014

    A protruding brow, a lantern jaw, thick leg and arm bones, and teeth so crowded together that at one point they erupt in rows three deep.

Burial Types in Labrador and California Are Identical

Giant's Burial in California

  They buried their dead laying flat and face-down, rather than in a flexed position, with the heads pointing west. 

The deceased were also often sent off with a fine complement of grave goods, Bartelink said.“The mortuary assemblages are rich with projectile points, shell beads, crystal, and charmstones,

The body was daubed with red ochre on the head, chest, pelvis, left elbow, and on both hands and feet. The grave was festooned with 48 beads made from the shells of Olivella sea snails, and another 7 ornaments crafted from abalone. 

Maritime Archaic Burial in Labrador

 L’Anse Amour site in Labrador. The site was occupied from 9,000 to 2,000 years ago.

The body had been covered with red ochre

placed face down, head pointed west

Offerings included tools and weapons including charmstones

Tools of the Martime Archaic were identical in Northern Europe and North America which included slate spears, bone combs and the plummets or charm stones seen on the far right.