Monday, November 21, 2016

Ancient Race of Giants Uncovered in Sonora Mexico

Ancient Race of Giants Uncovered in Sonora Mexico


New York Times, December 2, 1930

Mining Engineer Tells of Discovery in Sonara by Laborers Digging in Cemetery

Tuscon, Ariz., Dec. 1 (AP)- Discovery of apparent remains of a race of giants has been made at Sayopa, Sonara, a mining town 300 miles south of the Mexican border.

J.E. Coker, a mining engineer, reports that laborers clearing ranch land near the Yaqui River dug into an old cemetery where bodies of men, averaging eight feet in height, were buried tier on tier.The heads of the skeletons, Coker said, were especially large. Carved native stone bracelets were found on the bones. Beside the bodies, the crudest kind of stone weapons and implements were buried.

After the first skeleton was unearthed owners of the ranch redoubled efforts to excavate in the cemetery.