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Neanderthal Looking Skulls Found In Santa Barbara California's Burton Burial Mound

Neanderthal Looking Skulls Found in Santa Barbara California's Burton Burial Mound

Decatur Weekly Republican, April 9, 1923

New Link in Man History Is Found on West Coast

Santa Barbara Mound Yield Remains of People Older Than Neanderthal

    SANTA BARBARA, Cal., Oct 27.-All doubt as to the greater age of the skulls of the “Santa Barbara man” uncovered here this week, as compared with the Neanderthal man of Central Europe, has been dispelled in the minds of the scientist doing excavation work on the Burton Mound fronting the Santa Barbara ocean beach according to J.P. Harrington of the Smithsonian Institution in a formal statement tonight.
    Dr. Harrington, who has been in charge of southern California archaeological work for the Smithsonian Institution for several months, is certain that a new link in the Anthropological chain has been established definitely by the excavations of the last few days. Further examination of the gorilla-like skulls unearthed on Burton Mound, he asserts, has definitely proven that the Santa Barbara man existed in a period far earlier than the era of Neanderthal man. Not only that, but he possessed a culture which far exceeded that of the Neanderthal. More Neanderthal looking skulls discovered in California.  

Skulls Thick

   The thickness of the skulls is twice as great as those of Indians found in the burial grounds, known to be 1,000 years old or more. The average thickness of each skull is approximately three-quarters of an inch.
    Dr. Jesse Walter Fewkes, chief curator of the Smithsonian Institution telegraphed Dr. Harrington today for a complete report of the discoveries made here. An authoritative and official statement has been dispatched to him.