Wednesday, May 29, 2019

8 Foot Nephilim (Amorite) Skeleton Discovered in an Ireland Burial Mound

8 Foot Nephilim (Amorite) Skeleton 

Discovered in an Ireland Burial Mound

The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation, 1880.

    Newgrange is the largest mound in Ireland, covering an area of about two acres, and between eighty and ninety feet in height, having the appearance of a considerable hill; and this mound was surrounded by a circle of huge stones standing upright, many of which still remain. It is stated by Ware, that the sepulchral mound at Knocksedan, near Swords in the County Dublin, was opened in his time, and in it were found the remains of a man of gigantic size: the skeleton measuring, from the ankle bone to the top of the skull, eight feet four inches; the bones of the skull were very thick, and the teeth of enormous size; the limbs were all very large in proportion, and it appears that this giant, when living, must have been nearly nine feet high. In Kildare, there are many of these mounds on the Curragh."