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Giant Human Skeleton Discovered in a California Cavern


Giant Human Skeleton Discovered in a 

California Cavern

L. A. Times, September 3, 1916. 
     The discovery of a skull, jawbones and femur of giant proportions by D. L. Gilliland and F. M. Puntenney of Moonpark, in a cavern in one of the canyons of the great Pisgah Grando Rancho just over the Ventura county line, lends color to the belief, long held by residents of that scenic section, that the burying place of a prehistoric race of giants has been found. The find was made under peculiar circumstances, Messrs Gilliland and Puntenney who are officers of the law at Moonpark, were searching for two Mexicans, said to have been connected with robberies at Moonpark and Santa Susana. After scouring the various canyons they came upon a wide cavern deep in the brush and hidden from view by a rugged rampart of rocks.
      Seeing that there was an opening in which the fugitives might take shelter, Mr. Puntenney pulled aside the underbrush and peered into the depths. Within he saw the grinning skull of huge size and the great femur, that must have formed the thigh bone of a mighty giant.  In this vast and silent region are to be seen ancient ruins that still stand in mute testimony of the fact that at some remote period in the history of our sunny Southland a race of giants lived and moved and had their being. And that in these small but fertile valleys, this long forgotten race built their crude homes and practiced the arts of life according to their original lights.The skull, jawbones and femur of the giant's skeleton found by Messrs Gilliland and Puntenney, were brought to Moonpark in an office in that town, where examined by Dr. Philo Hull, who has pronounced them unquestionably those of a human being. The bones are being preserved and are on exhibition, they are attracting a great deal of attention.