Sunday, January 29, 2023

Giant Skeleton with "Primitive" Neanderthal Type Skull Unearthed at Athens, Pennsylvania Museum


Giant Skeleton with "Primitive" Neanderthal Type Skull  Unearthed at Athens, Pennsylvania Museum

Primitive skulls with a protruding brow ridge and sloping forehead is a common physical trait with the giant human Nephilim.  

Athens Pennsylvania
    In what is now the Main street, just below the museum, in laying water pipes four feet underground twenty years ago, were found some very large skeletons, one of which was carefully examined and described as, "a man of gigantic size. Judging from the thigh bone, 21 inches long, he must have been seven feet tall.  The skull was much larger than usual, very thick, the forehead unusually receding and the top flattened. The Jaws were extremely strong, full of large perfect teeth.  Altogether the remains seemed to be those of a brutal powerful giant.