Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Winnebago Sioux Origins of Midwest Serpent Mounds

 Winnebago Sioux Origins of Midwest Serpent Mound

After the dispersal of the Dakota Suoux from the Ohio Valley they continued to build Serpent Mounds .
One Oto Sioux mound site in located in Grfand Rapids Michigan : Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan Oto Sioux Burial Mounds

The effigy mounds may have been built by the Winnebago who fled northward when the Lenape crossed the Mississippi. They are thought to have remained in southern Wisconsin during the Lenap’Alligewi war, and in the end were there to welcome the fugitives back when they returned. This may explain why the Winnebago are isolated in the west from the other Dakota tribes. It is also worthy to note that the Winnebago is the oldest dialect of the western Dakota and are called “grandfathers” by the other tribes.
The Serpent swallowing an egg is located in Kansas.
     We certainly have a tie between the later effigy mounds built by the Dakota in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Iowa and the effigies found in Ohio. The alligator mound, the Tarleton Cross and the bird effigies within the circular works in Newark are all very similar to what is found in the northwest.
Serpent near Chicago at the Des Plains River
    Some of the effigies are serpents swallowing an egg. The most renown of this type of effigy is in Adams County, Ohio that was built by the Adena. However, this type of effigy mound was built later by the Dakota as evidenced on the Little Arkansas River.