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Prof. Sutton, Head of Salem College, West Virginia History Dept. Uncovers Skeletons 7 -9 Feet in Length


Prof. Sutton, Head of Salem College, W.V. History Dept. Uncovers Skeletons 7 -9 Feet in Length

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Charleston Gazette, June 15, 1930
Salem Professor Discovers Huge Skeletons in Mounds
Dr. Sutton Believes Tribe of Giants Once Inhabited Doddridge County Section; Data on Exploration Will Go to Smithsonian Institution.
     SALEM, June 14-Excavation of two mounds near Morganville, in Doddridge county, about 11 miles west of here revealed what Prof. Ernest Sutton, head of the history department of Salem college, believes is valuable evidence of a race of giants who inhabited this section of West Virginia more than 1,000 years ago.
     Professor Sutton revealed tonight that he had been excavating the two mounds for the past several months. Skeletons of four mound builders indicating they were from seven to nine feet tall have been uncovered. Professor Sutton believes they were memebers of a race known in anthropology as Siouan Indians.
    The best preserved skeleton was found enclosed in a casting of clay. All the vertabrae and other bones excepting the skull were intact. Careful measurement of this specimen indicated it was a man seven and a half feet tall.