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Adena Burial mound in Pleasants County, West Virginia

 Adena Burial mound in Pleasants County, West Virginia

History of Pleasants County, West Virginia, 1929

     There is evidence that at one time a large settlement of the natives existed at the mouth of Middle Island Creek, on both sides of the stream. Flint arrow heads and fragments of pottery are still to be found there, the latter showing such a degree of ornamentation that they might have been the work of a race anterior to the Indians. This view may be further maintained by the near existence of a large earth mound on the Reynolds farm, a mile north, and the discovery of a large stone pipe, rudely carved in the image of a seated man, on Middle Island, only a few hundred yards from the site of the village. Giant skeletons also found in West Virginia : Nine Foot Nephilim Giant Discovered in Wheeling, West Virginia

The Adena mound is located several miles north of Saint Mary’s, West Virginia