Tuesday, August 15, 2023

8 Foot Nephilim Giant Skeleton Discovered in Gloucester, Massachusetts


8 Foot Nephilim Giant Skeleton Discovered 

in Gloucester, Massachusetts

A seven-foot giant skeleton with double rows of teeth discovered in Massachusetts. www.nephilimgiants.net : 7 Foot Human Giant with Double Rows of Teeth Uncovered in Massachusetts

History of the Town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1886 
      There is a small river running through this land by the name of Nipmuck. These tribes were subject to the Narragansett's until the time of King Philip's war with the English. Some vestiges of these tribes still remain. Portions of the land had the appearance of having been planted, many young trees were growing and deep in the ground bullets were found. Within the recollection of persons now living, a human skeleton was found several feet below the surface of the ground. When the bones were put together it measured eight feet. Some of these Indians were very tall. These tribes of Indians were , as far as known, the first native owners of this land, a part of their vast hunting grounds.