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Giant Nephilim Skeleton Discovered in Harlan's Cave Tennessee


Giant Nephilim Skeleton Discovered in Harlan's Cave Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee was built over a massive Indian graveyard. The details : Nashville, Tennessee Built Over an Extensive Indian Graveyard

An 8 Foot Giant Is Discovered in a Tennessee Cave

Evening News, Oct. 14, 1927 

     The strange story of how four men found an eight-foot skeleton of man in a recess of a cavern is vouched for here by friends of the quartet, who say they have no reason to doubt the integrity of those concerned. John Nelson and his three sons were exploring Harlan Cave when they came upon the skeleton, over eight feet in length, according to Nelson. Nelson said he believed it was an Indian's bones. Arrow flints and trinkets were found about the body. Old Indians living in this vicinity said it was the custom of the tribes to bury medicine men and chiefs alone. They believe the skeleton was that of some great man of an ancient tribe.