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Iroquois "Okie" or Spirit Stones in Northern Indiana Associated with Paranormal Activity


Iroquois "Okie" or Spirit Stones in Northern Indiana Associated with Paranormal Activity

  A paranormal team went to this site located in Whitley County near an Indian massacre site in 1793. The paranormal team reported activity at this site that went beyond what they normally encounter. The stone pile was reported early in the Whitley County history with the original settlers claiming that it had always been there. It is not known whether this was an Iroquois trail shrine or a burial site. This Okie stone at a subterranean stone enclosure is also located next to an Indian massacre site. Is it the stones that are the catalyst for paranormal activity or the Okie stones themselves that date much earlier? : Fairies (Demons) Haunt an Ancient Nephilim Subterranean Stone Enclosure in Wabash County, Indiana

    At each of these three sites where the Iroquois placed "Spirit Stones" Paranormal Activity has been reported.  Near the stone bowl at Roann is a place called the Okie Pinokie Woods that is supposedly filled with disembodied spirits. One paranormal investigator reported a sense of dread and the feeling that something wanted him to leave immediately when he took the gravel road to the river at the Mississenewa Battleground site.  The gravel road takes you really close to the Iroquois Okie stone.

Iroquois Trail shrine or burial site is located on an old Indian trail called 13 Curves

Associated with the Iroquois are larger sacred boulders that are called “Okies.” are usually found in sacred spots, in a river or next to spring. It was believed that the boulders marked the presence of spirits.  
A large boulder with a bowl carved on the top called an Okie or Spirit Stone by the Iroquois is located on the Eel River in Wabash County.

This stone bowl is fed by a spring along the bank of the Mississenewa River in Wabash County, Indiana. It is located at the Mississinewa Battlefield Site in Wabash County, Indiana