Headlines of Giant Human Skeletons Found in the Midwest

Giant Human Skeleton Headlines in the Midwest

From the coastal regions the Giant humans of the Maritime archaic moved west in to the Great Lakes region.  Giant skeletons were found in large numbers in the State of Pennsylvania.

Large human skeleton skulls were reported with horn protruding from their head. I have 5 different accounts of this in the book.

Two giant human skeletons found in Pennsylvania.  Read the full historical accounts here

There were over 100 historical accounts of large human skeletons found in Ohio.  Some of them bearing the same "archaic" like traits as those found in the coastal regions.

Giant human skeleton was found in a glacial kame in Bowling Green Ohio.

Another giant human skeleton found in northern Ohio.

There are many similarities in the Giant human skeletons found in the northern Great Lakes region and  those in Northern Europe, all of which were part of the Maritime Archaic.

Giant humans skeletons found in Michigan.

Two skulls from giant humans that are identical with both showing "archaic" traits of a protruding brow ridge and a sloping forehead.  The skull from the right was from a burial mound within sight of Stonehenge. The skull on the right is from Michigan.

Giant humans skeletons were found in large numbers across Indiana.

Over 30 accounts of giant skeletons were found in Indiana, read the full historical accounts HERE

Giant human skeleton uncovered in Indiana

 Giant's Ruins as depicted on this Indiana Geological Survey Map

Giant human skeletons from Illinois reported in this newspaper headline.

Giant human skeletons found in a burial mound in Quincy, Illinois

Skeleton described as "gigantic" from a newspaper in Alton Illinois.

There were many more giant human skeletons reported from Illinois. Read them all HERE

Another case of an "archaic" type of a giant human skull that was found in Wisconsin.

Giant human remains found in Wisconsin

Giant human remains found in Wisconsin. Archaeologist discount all of these reports and is why they still have no answers to who the mound builders were, where they came from nor where they went.

Giant humans were also found in the State of Minnesota

Giant human skeletons found in a cave in Minnesota

Giant human skeletons found near St. Paul Minnesota.