Workman Uncover Nephilim Giant with Horns from a Toledo Ohio Mound

Moses is also is also depicted as having horns.  Legend is that he was also from the line of Nephilim.

Workmen Uncover Prehistoric Race
Toledo, O,
Workmen in the employ of the Ferguson Construction company, excavating
for the new Toledo & Ottawa I'.eaeh railroad, a  l i t t l e beyond the l i m i t s of
Toledo, O., unearthed three skeletons, evidently relics of some giant, race, as
they were about seven feet in length.Just where t h e ears should be on the
head are singular bony protuberances curl forward. The finds were
made in solid yellow clay about eight feet below the surface. The out is
through a large mound, not h a l f of which has yet been torn up. Several
stone tomahawks of large size have been picked up in this l o c a l i t y .