Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Virginia Reveals Giant Human Nephilim Skeleton With A Double Row of Teeth

 Virginia History Reveals Giant Human Skeleton Found with a Double Row of Teeth

It is rare to find giant skeletons in Virginia. To the west in West Virginia was one of the highest concentrations of giant skeletons. One of the largest female skeletons recorded is here : Nephilim Queen's Tomb is Excavated at Moundsville, West Virginia.

Historical Collections of Virginia, 1845

      On the Wappatomaka have been found numerous Indian relics, among which was highly a finished pipe, representing a snake coiled around the bowl. There was also discovered the under jaw bone of a human being (says Keucheval) of great size, which contained eight jaw teeth in each side, of enormous size; and what is more remarkable the teeth stood transversely in the jawbone. It would pass over any man’s face with entire ease.