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Cro Magnon Giant Race in Europe Documented

Giant Cro-Magnons of Europe Documented

That the Cro-Magnon and the Amorites were of the same stock is proven in a skull found at the Copper Mines at Lake Superior. : Comparing Combe-Capelle (CroMagnon) Skull With a Skull Found at the Copper Mines at Isle Royale

The ancient race of giants written of in the Bible has their origins with the Cro Magnon species of man.  New evidence reveals that some of these giants mixed with remnants of the Neanderthal species creating a hybrid race that was noted for its large size and "primitive" looking skulls that included a heavy brow ridge and sloping forehead.

Oakland Tribune, May 30, 1909

Probably Belonged To a Cave Dweller of Western Europe-Owner Had No Dome.

Skull Fairly Complete

Professor Boule introduced me to the wonderful skull, and placed it in my hands. It has been treated by him with great skill so as to render the bone firm and hard, while detached portions have been fitted into place, so that it is fairly complete. It will be remembered that this skull was found together with most of the skeleton of the same individual, by two enthusiastic local archaeologist, buried at such depth and in such position in the cave known as the Chapelle-aux-Saints is to leave no doubt as to its belonging to one of a race of men contemporary with the mammoth and hairy rhinoceros-a race which inhabited Europe in the great glacial period-which cannot be less than a hundred thousand years behind us, and probably is more. The chief importance of the skull lies in the fact that it agrees in its very peculiar form with the Neanderthals skull (from Bonn), the Spy skulls (Belgium), and the Gibraltar skull. It in fact, confirms the conclusion that at this period the caves of Western Europe were inhabited by a race of men with peculiar skulls
The fact was published some four months ago that the new Correzo skull agrees with the celebrated skull top of the Neanderthal in the extraordinary shallowness or absence of doing in the retreating forehead, the thick prominent eyebrow ridges, and in the excessive “lowness” or want of elavation of the back region. But further study of the new skull had enabled Prof. Boule to show that the outline of the new skull looked at from above exactly coincides with that of the Neanderthal skull- there is the same great length from the eyebrows to occipant and the great breadth at a series of corresponding regions.

Both of Enormous Size

The curious thing is that both these skulls are of enormous size-a good deal bigger in length and breadth than modern European skulls, and not as small and ape-like, though they are far shallower (that is, less high in the dome) than any skulls of living men. The ancient Neanderthal men’s brain was not smaller, but actually a little bigger than that of modern Europeans, it was bigger in regions where tho modern Europeans is small, and smaller where that is large.

Oakland Tribune, January 1, 1928

Some widely accepted beliefs concerning prehistoric man in Europe tottered today when Dr. Alex Hrdlicka, Smithsonian anthropologist, presented results of his recent researches before the Anthropological Section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
One of the beliefs questioned concerned the existence of the so-called “Supermen” of Grimaldi as a distinct race. Some years ago in the caves of Grimaldi on the Mediterranean near Mentone, three gigantic skeletons, with some others were uncovered. These skeletons, all male, belonged to men considerably over 6 feet in height, two of them being 6 feet 4 inches, and of great strength. The skull capacities of the three “giants” were correspondingly large.  

Coshocton, Ohio Tribune, January 9, 1929,

Algeria Finds Were the Bones of Our Ancestors
“The bones unearthed by the Beloit-Logan expedition were dug out of huge mounds of small shells. The hithero unknown pre-modern race at Gibralter and Sicily, Dr. Alfred Romer, University of Chicago paleontologist, reports that the animal bones found in the shell heaps are similar to those found in the northern Cro-Magnon sites and that modern people were evidently hunters on a small scale, the evidence being the presence of burnt bones of the giant ox, the wild bull and the lion in the dirt and shells of the heaps. The North African people lived in the open, the Cro-Magnon people in caves.
After intensive measurements of the skeletons in all possible features Dr. Cole concludes that they resemble modern Europeans far more than they do any other race. The anthropological measurements also indicate that these pre-modern inter-married with other races, which would in turn indicate that none of the present south European races are technically “pure.” He believes that the skeletal evidence of that race shows inter-mixture with ancient brutish anthropoid-like Neanderthal men, who dominated the scene 50,000 years ago.”