Monday, February 4, 2013

Native American Legend of Red Haired Giants are Linked to the Japanese Ainu

Spirit Cave Man
The Indian Legend of Red Haired Giants

     7.400 B.C. mummified remains were discovered in Nevada.  The long headed Caucasian     skeletal remains have been called the Spirit Man.  Similar Caucasian finds were discovered in Nevada that led archaeologists to ally themselves with the Paiute Indians to claim the remains as their own. This invoked NAGPRA and just like that, the bones and the controversy were all gone as was the evidence.  

The archaeologist interviewed is correct in stating that the Spirit Cave remains were part of the Ainu from the Japanese Islands.  A Maritime people had circumnavigated the world as early as 8000 BC, and spread across the northern latitudes.  Similar skeletal types, burial types and material culture can be found on America's Atlantic shores.