Friday, April 26, 2013

Nephilim Giant Remains Discovered in Burial Mound in New York

Nephilim Giant Remains Discovered in Burial Mound in New York

Many giant skeletons have been found in the state of New York including mass burials. Here is one report. : Giants Graveyard with Double Rows of Teeth Discovered in Syracuse, New York

Rochester New York Journal

October 10, 1936


Workmen on Harlem Road Uneaeth Relics

   "KATONAH, N. Y.. Septemeber 6- While a gang of men in the employ of the New York and Harlem Railroad were taking sand from an immense mound near Purdy's Station today to fill in excavation they unearthed several skeletons of unusual size.

    The bones are believed to be those of Indians who once lived in this vicinity and belonged to a tribe that was led by the great Chief Teekus, from whom the Titicus Valley, now part of the New York watershed takes its name.  Besides finding the bones, the workman also exhumed a score or more of arrowheads, hatchets, and copper implements.  It is believed the large mound in which the relics were found was once the burying ground of the Teekus Indians.  The last of the Indians was seen in the valley a short time after the Revolutionary War.

    The bones found today were brought to Katonah and will be reinterred in the local cemetery."

  The giant skeletal remains are likely far older than the Teekus tribe.  The fact that copper implements were mentioned would date the find to around 1500 B.C.