Monday, March 6, 2023

Giants Graveyard with Double Rows of Teeth Discovered in Syracuse, New York


Giants Graveyard with Double Rows of Teeth 

Discovered in Syracuse, New York

A graveyard of giant humans with double rows of teeth were discovered in Syracuse while constructing the Erie Canal locks. Many giant skeletons were found in the State of New York.Here is another incredible find of giants in New York : Mass Grave of Giants Hints of a Great Battle in Madison County, New York

Onondaga: Reminiscences of Earlier and Later Times, 1849 

      Near the west bank of the creek, was an extensive Indian burying-ground, where skeletons have frequently been disinterred and are occasionally to this day-two having been exhumed during the past year. At the time the wet locks were constructed at Syracuse, in 1819, over one hundred were taken up. In excavating the canal for the red mill, on the east bank of the creek, several skeletons were found. In 1843, one of extraordinary size was disinterred; one of the lower bones of the leg being set beside the limb of a tall man, reached far above his knee. The skull was comparatively large, and the jaws were surrounded with a full set of double teeth, all around, they were perfectly sound, covered with a beautiful enamel of the most perfect whiteness.