Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fomorian Giant Uncovered in Ireland

Fomorian Giant Uncovered in Ireland

Irish News-New Zealand Tablet,  February 4, 1898
      Silgo-A Giant's Bones Unearthed.-After all Finn McCool and the Galway Giant seem not to have been the only mighty men of Ireland. Silgo, like Louth, can now claim to have produced an Irish Giant, although his history is forgotten. His bones have been discovered at the Market Cross, Silgo. Several men were engaged in digging a drain across the street when they succeeded much to their astonishment, in unearthing a skull, jawbone with teeth in good condition and various other parts of the human anatomy. The bones were exceptionally large and show that the man who in the long ago was laid to rest there must have been of giant stature. The discovery created quite a sensation in the town and much speculation was indulged in as to the supposed age of the remains. Colonel Wood Martin, the eminent Silgo historian, has given it as his opinion that the body must have been buried over 950 years ago and that the "giant" may probably have met his death in battle in those stirring times. The remains were taken in charge by the police and interred in Silgo cemetery.