Thursday, January 16, 2014

Skulls Belonging to the "Missing Link," Discovered in North Carolina

Skulls Belonging to the "Missing Link," Discovered in North Carolina

New Ulm weekly review., May 23, 1883,

Remarkable Skulls.

     North Carolina rejoices in the unexpected discovery,  an ancient mound, of fifty-six skeleton some of them of great size and with most remarkable skulls.” This is interesting. Hitherto the ancient mounds supposed to have been erected by a prehistoric race have

yielded nothing more remarkable than stone hatchets, flint arrowheads and some dishes of a quality that would have disgraced our American “pottery infant" in its most infantile days. Skulls, however, when a remarkable area of general interest. A collection of human skulls from the earliest times to the present day, could it be hadwould enable scientists to write an acccurate history of human development,and probably to discover what was ” the missing link." In what respect the North Carolina skulls are remarkable the dispatches do not say; but if their owners had attained only to that degree of development which the mound builders are believed to have reached, the skulls must be of the most remarkable size.