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The Smithsonian Institute and the California Giant Mummy Coverup

The Smithsonian Institute and the California Giant Mummy Coverup

 The mummified remains of an ancient race of giants have been chronicled throughout the State of California. The claims of the finding of giant human remains were pursued by the Smithsonian Institute with the intention of seizing the remains to be taken to Washington D.C.  More important than the seizure was the intent of Smithsonian scientists to dismiss the claims as hoaxes or frauds. The magnitude of hundreds of claims of finding giant human remains and the Smithsonian sending its scientist out to claim all of these skeletons hints at the fact that they were not hoaxes, but actual giant skeletons. One has to ask the question, that if they were in fact hoaxes, why would the Smithsonian, go to the great expense of sending its agents across the country to retrieve them?
   One of the most baffling cases of giant human remains taken by the Smithsonian comes from California. The first newspaper record described the find that was analyzed by  Prof. Thomas Wilson, Curator of the Department of Prehistoric Anthropology in the Smithsonian Institution, and by other scientists. In this first account there is no mention of any kind of hoax.

The World, October 7, 1895
Nine Feet High and Probably a California Indian
Measurement Well Authenticated
Other Big Men and Women of Fact and Fable Who Are Famous Types if Gigantism

     "The corpse of the biggest man that ever lived has been dug up near San Diego California. At all events there is no satisfactory read in ancient or modern history of any human being nearly so tall. The mummy-for in such a condition the remains were found-is that of a person would have been about nine feet high in life. This makes allowances for the shrinkage, which may be pretty closely calculated.
     As to the accuracy in the estimate there can no question, as the cadaver has been carefully inspected and measured by Prof. Thomas Wilson, Curator of the Department of Prehistoric Anthropology in the Smithsonian Institution, and by other scientists. The tapeline even now registers the length from heel to top of the head at eight feet four inches.
    The mummy is that of an Indian and is almost certainly prehistoric, though its age cannot be determined with any sort of accuracy. Historical records of the part of California where it was found go back for at least 250 years, and they make no mention of any man of gigantic stature. How much older the body may be must be left open to conjecture. Its preservation, is no matter of surprise, in that arid region the atmospheric conditions are such that a corpse buried in the dry season might very well become perfectly desiccated before the arrival of the rains, and thus be rendered permanently proof against decay.The body was found in a cave by a party of prospectors. Over the head are the remnants of a leather hood. The man was well advanced in years.
It has been stated that the man must have surpassed in height any giant of whom there is an historical record. This is unquestionably true so far as the last two centuries are concerned, and accounts of older dates are not well authenticated. Indeed they grow more and more apocryphal as distant in time increases."

"Professor McKee Is shown on the left of the giant, In the accompanying picture, and the exhibitor who was perfectly Innocent of the fraud, Is shown on Its right." 

   13 years pass and the giant mummy has become a popular exhibit. It is being displayed the Atlantic Exposition where Smithsonian agents are in attendance. The Smithsonian scientists are there examining the remains and purchase it for $500. Only afterwards do they claim it to be a hoax that was claimed to be made from gelatin. 

The Salt Lake Tribune., June 07, 1908
The San Diego Giant.
   The mummy of the “tallest human giant who ever lived” was being shown by a at the Atlantic Exposition while a number of these Smithsonian scientists were there. They asked permission to examine It and when consent was given applied their tapes and found that It measured eight feet four Inches from crown to heel. The giant had been found In a cave near San Diego. Cal., by a party of prospectors, according lo the exhibitor. Over the head were the remains of a leather hood which appeared to have been part of a shroud. Worn teeth were visible In the mouth and the outlines of the ribs were plainly seen through the skin. The elongated, emaciated body stood erect In a great, narrow coffin, ten feet long. The exhibitor agreed to sell it for $500 to the Smithsonian, which dispatched Mr. Lucas to the scene  with, Prof. W. J. McKee. A piece of the giant’s dried skin was removed and when tested In the chemical laboratory of the Smithsonian was found to be gelatine. 

    The mummy is examined by "Prof. Thomas Wilson, Curator of the Department of Prehistoric Anthropology in the Smithsonian Institution, and by other scientists," and is claimed to be authentic. The Smithsonian agents at the Expo, obviously thought it was authentic, or they wouldn't have paid $500 for it. It only becomes a hoax after it is quarantined within the Smithsonian.

    The giant mummy was not an isolated find. In 1885 in California's Yosemite Valley, A party of miners headed by Mr. G. F. Martindale noticed a wall of stones on a rock face that did not appear to be of natural origin. As they removed the rock wall, they came upon another stone wall that was described as being done by someone skilled in Masonry. They described the joints between the rocks as being a uniform 1/8 of an inch in thickness.  "As pretty as any wall on any building I have ever seen",  is how one of the miners described it.  Upon entering the stone walled tomb, they discovered a large mummified corpse placed on a carved ledge in the cave. The mummified remains were that of  awoman who measured 6 feet, 8 inches in length. The corpse was wrapped in what appeared to be animal skins. The miners removed parts of the animal skins to view the corpse and found it to be that of a woman holding a child to her breast.

   In another account of  finding giant remains within a cave was the discovery of two police officers. A subsequent examination was done by a Dr,. who claimed them to be human.

L. A. Times, September 3, 1916
     The discovery of a skull, jawbones and femur of giant proportions by D. L. Gilliland and F. M. Puntenney of Moonpark, in a cavern in one of the canyons of the great Pisgah Grando Rancho just over the Ventura county line, lends color to the belief, long held by residents of that scenic section, that the burying place of a prehistoric race of giants has been found. The find was made under peculiar circumstances, Messrs Gilliland and Puntenney who are officers of the law at Moonpark, were searching for two Mexicans, said to have been connected with robberies at Moonpark and Santa Susana. After scouring the various canyons they came upon a wide cavern deep in the brush and hidden from view by a rugged rampart of rocks.
      Seeing that there was an opening in which the fugitives might take shelter, Mr. Puntenney pulled aside the underbrush and peered into the depths. Within he saw the grinning skull of huge size and the great femur, that must have formed the thigh bone of a mighty giant.  In this vast and silent region are to be seen ancient ruins that still stand in mute testimony of the fact that at some remote period in the history of our sunny Southland a race of giants lived and moved and had their being. And that in these small but fertile valleys, this long forgotten race built their crude homes and practiced the arts of life according to their original lights.The skull, jawbones and femur of the giant's skeleton found by Messrs Gilliland and Puntenney, were brought to Moonpark in an office in that town, where examined by Dr. Philo Hull, who has pronounced them unquestionably those of a human being. The bones are being preserved and are on exhibition, they are attracting a great deal of attention.

   Three seperate accounts of the giant human remains found in California caves. It should be noted that there are 20 different accounts of giant human skeletal remains that have been documented in California and reprinted in "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."  So, why the coverup?  The dates of the discoveries and their subsquent dismisal by the Smithsonian is coincidentally parallel to the emergence of the Progressive Movement in American politics.  Then, as today the Progressives are com
mitted to the dilution of the Church and its importance socially and politically. The Progressives knew early on that the revelation of a giant race would be an affirmation of the Bible.  Universities  then, as today are engaged in a coverup of any evidence that would proclaim Biblical accounts of history as truth.