Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Burial Mound, Giant Skeletons and Paranormal Activity in West Virginia

Burial Mound, Giant Skeletons and Paranormal Activity in West Virginia

Moore mound located near Point Peninsula, West Virginia. 

Mason County. Note the pile of stones on the left that must have been part of the original tomb.

Mason County, West Virginia

    In an old cultivated field stream with mussel shells, are one large and several small mounds. In all those which were explored there was a layer of skeletons on the natural surface, and two, or sometimes three, other layers above them to a height of 5 feet. The appearance of the mounds justified the statement of Mr. Counch and others at least one more layer had been removed during fifty years of steady cultivation. The skeletons were well preserved many of them large, in a prostrate position, with no particular arrangement.

The original Moore mansion that was subjected to a fire in 1959 and 1969.  Paranormal investigators have said that paranormal activity has been witnessed in the cemetery that contains the Moore family.