Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Russian Scientists Discover Cro Magnon - Neanderthal Hybrid

 Russian Scientist Discover Cro Magnon - Neanderthal Hybrid

Soviet Union scientists discovered the remains of a young boy who had both modern Cro Magnon characteristics along with those of Neanderthal.  American archaeologists continued to deny that the Cro Magnon and Neanderthal ever mated; holding on to their outdated theory of "replacement" until DNA studies determined that there was a mixing of these two populations.

This skull from Oleny Island in Northern Russia has both "modern" and "archaic" characteristics.  Clearly, the brow ridge and the lack of any forehead is Neanderthal.  Also, it was found the Mental Foreman in the lower jaw was under M-1 molar in Neanderthal, whereas in modern skulls it is located forward, under the incisors.  (see arrow). 
  These archaic" characteristics are most prominent in the many descriptions of the giant skeletons that have been found from the Biblical Levant to the British Isles and North America. More giants with Neanderthal traits here