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Ancient Giant European Skull Types Found at Mounds State Park Henge Complex in Anderson, Indiana

 Ancient Giant European Skull Types Found at Mounds State Park Henge Complex in Anderson, Indiana

Northern European Europid para-group of Cro-Magnon and Nordics, all mostly tall-statured and depigmented, and cohabitant in relative intermixture. Not primarily a phylogenetic entity.

   The appearance of long-headed skulls with an occipital bun in the Ohio burial mounds suggests that they Adena had a Nordic origin.

   While common among many of humankind's ancestors, primarily robust relatives rather than gracile, the protrusion is relatively rare in modern Homo sapiens.  A greater proportion of early modern Europeans had them, but prominent occipital buns even among Europeans are now relatively infrequent.

From Physical Anthropology Terms 

NORDID (Nordic)
A group of strongly depigmented Northern European dolicho-mesocephalic ectomorphs, whose similarities are partially the result of shared origins, part of convergent evolution. There are three generally recognized Nordid types: the classic Hallstatt Nordid, the northwestern European Keltic Nordid, and the eastern European East-Nordid. For some brief speculation on the topic of Nordid origins, please read the introduction to The Nordish Gallery.

Adena skull from the Ohio Valley burial mound with an occipital bun.

Lima Daily News, (Lima Ohio) July 27, 1892

May Buy The Mounds
Congress To Purchase Prehistoric Works
(Anderson, Indiana., Letter)
Dora Biddle of Anderson a collector of antiques has a skull, and another is on the exhibition here, which has been severed just above the ears, in such a manner as to remove the crown of the head and lay the brain bare. These skulls were found with others under conditions, which would indicate that they were those of the mound builders. They are very large, show marked intellectually, and unlike skulls of the present day, or of the Indians, have a fifth skull bone in the back of the head. 

On the left is a skull from an Adena mound in Ohio. From "The Adena", Webb and Snow 1988.  On the left is a Corded Ware or Beaker People skull from northern Europe, both of which have an occipital bun.