Friday, May 7, 2021

Giant Human Skeletons Headlines of Remains Found Along America's Coasts

 Giant Human Skeletons Headlines of Remains Found Along America's Coasts

Giant Human Skeletons Found In California

Giant Humans Were Found In A Shell Mound in San Francisco

Giant human skeletons remains baffled scientist with their "archaic" traits that were described as being more Neanderthal

Many of the remains of the giant human skeleton had more archaic" or Neanderthal-like physical traits.

Giant Human Prehistoric Skull that was found In Oregon.  Many of the skulls were described as the "Missing Link" with sloping foreheads, protruding brow ridges and massive jaws.  Identical skull types were found on the Atlantic coast.

Giant Humans Skulls with Archaic or Neanderthal Skulls were found the extent of the Pacific coast.

Several accounts of giant skeletons were found in the Aleutian Islands that is evidence f a Maritime migration to this continent.

Remains of Giant Human Skeletons can be traced across the Aleutians to the northern Japanese Islands. A similar material culture extends back to the west to the Baltic Sea and onward to the Eat coast of North America.

Giant Human Skeletons were found the extent of the Atlantic seaboard

Giant Human skeletons were found in Brooklyn New York

This is just one of the many historical accounts of giant human skeletons that were found in New York State.

More giant humans were found while constructing a railroad through the city of New York

Giant Humans were also found in Mass.  Many of the finds being  near or o the coasts that was evidence of a Maritime people.

The headline is from a find of a giant humans skeletons in Ireland. Evidence of migrations from north western Europe is not only evident from the large skeletons found over there, but an identical material culture.  So much so, that placed on a table, even an expert can not tell the difference between those of Europe and the Coastal North America.

Reports of giant humans were found across northern Europe.  The origins of the giants was with the Cro magnon species of early man.

Large Skull from northern Europe displays the same "archaic" type traits as those in North America with a sloping forehead and protruding brow ridge. Yes, the were the same peoples.

Continuing down the Atlantic seaboard, giant skeletons were found o the coastal city of Jamestown Virginia.

Giant human skeletons found along the coast of Georgia.

A closer look at the giant skeleton in Georgia reveals that it was similar to those "archaic" type skull that was found on the west coast.

Giant human skeletons were found along the Florida coast.

More giant skeletons found in Florida

Across the Gulf of Mexicomore giant human giants were found.

Skull from a mound in Louisiana with archaic traits of a sloping forehead.

Skulls of large skeletons from a shell mound in Alabama with "archaic" skull types

Giant human skeletons were also found in along the Gulf Coast of Texas.