Monday, October 24, 2022

Skeletons in Megalithic Arched Giant's Stone Tomb in Athens County, Ohio


Skeletons in Megalithic Arched Giant's Stone Tomb in Athens County, Ohio

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Athens Messenger April 21, 1870
      “The mound had two circular arches of stone in it. One was about two and a half feet beneath the surface of the mound, and another about six feet. Immediately under the first arch of stone was found two very large skeletons, in a remarkable state of preservation: and under the second arched wall, other part of skeletons were found amidst ashes, coals, and mussel shells. It seemed apparent that those who had been interred under the deeper arch had remained there many years before those under the upper arch were buried. Some of these skeletons were buried with their heads towards the center of the mound, and some with their feet toward the center.