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Nephilim Gematria Numerology and the Serpent Mound - 660 and 666

Nephilim  Gematria Numerology and the Serpent Mound - 660 and 666

   First, it should be known that a MIT scientist concluded that the mound builders were using the same measure of a foot as we use today. The Babylonians used a base 12 counting system. 12-inch foot and a 12-month year both originating in ancient Babylon. They also used a base 60 in mathetmatics that is so evident in the meausre of the earthworks.


   The two core numbers of Gematria numerology are 666 (660) and 1080. Gematria was developed by the accounted giant tribes in the Bible known as the Amorites when they controlled Babylon, (1894 B.C. 1595 B.C) 666 was the number of the male Sun and 1080 was the number of the female moon or Earth Mother.  The number 660 and 666 repeat themselves within the measurements of the Ohio sun temples. 660 is the most common length associated with Sun temples. 

Two earthworks or henges that are part of the North Forks Works, in Ross County, Ohio.  210 X pi = 660.

Henges of this size are also found at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana, Cambridge City, Indiana, Athens, Ohio and at  North Fork.

The famous Serpent Mound in Ohio is 1330 feet in length. Thats 665 feet x 2. During the years when the Serpent was being farmed did 10 feet get destroyed?  

The east-west walls of the Winchester, Indiana earthwork are 1320 feet or 660 X 2.  The north- south walls are 1080 feet. The gateways are aligned to the Summer solstice sunset and the Winter Solstice sunrise.
    The number 660 was used instead of 666 at times because it could be broken down to 420 and 240.  These two lengths are also found within the lengths of many of the earthworks in the Ohio Valley. 420 +240 =660  420 + 420 + 240 = 1080. 

   Incorporating both 660 and 1080 in a site's measurement was symbolic of the Yin and Yang or the Holy Union of Opposites.  This is the core religion and symbolism of the mound builders in the Ohio Valley.

Adding the two walls - 1080 + 1080 = 2160. 216 is always of interest because it is the sum total of 6 X 6 X 6!

A wider view of the North Fork Works shows that the square earthwork was 240 feet in diameter. 240 + 210 +210 = 660. The smaller square and circular earthworks are 120 feet in diameter. 120 + 120 + 210 + 210  = 660._

The Sacred Via at Piketon, Ohio  had two parallel walls, each 1080 feet long.

Also at Piketon were these linear earthworks.where the lengths of 420, 240 and 212 are present. 420 +240 = 660. 420 + 420 + 240 = 1080. Again the numbers 660 and 1080 found together, represents the "Holy Union of Opposites." 212 X pi = 666!