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Babylonian Giant Amorites of the Ohio Valley Gematria Numerology and Sacred Geometry Primer. 666 and 1080


 Babylonian Giant Amorites of the Ohio Valley Gematria Numerology and Sacred Geometry Primer.  666 and 1080

    The two basic numbers that are the core of the numerology codex of Gematria are 666 and 1080.  666 was symbolic of the male Sun and 1080 represented the Earth Mother. The era of the Amorite kingdoms, ca. 2000–1595 BC, is sometimes known as the "Amorite period" in Mesopotamian history. The Amorites were the accounted giants in the Bible. 
    Geometrically the Sun was represented by the circle and the Earth Mother by the square.  See how Gematria is evident at the Washington Monument : Nephilim Gematria Numerology and the Washington Monument 555 and 666

The circle and square at Circleville, Ohio are combined in several earthworks in Ohio Valley that represent the equal balance of these two forces of nature.  The Amorites developed advanced mathematics of pi and square roots of numbers along with circling a square,where the circle and square both have equal areas.

The circled square is the geometric equivalent of the Yin Yang symbol

Neurologically, the Ohio giants used the ancient base 12 measure of our modern foot. Earthworks with solar alignments, called henges were either 666 feet or 660 feet in circumference.

Square earthworks that symbolized the Earth Mother were typically 1080 feet per side.

At several sites both the Sun and Earth Mother numbers were used together.  At Winchester, Indiana where the gateways were aligned to both the Summer and Winter Solstices, the east west walls were 660 feet and the north south walls were 1080. Interesting is that 1080 X 2 = 2160.  216 is an important number because it is the sum total of 6 X 6 X 6.

At the Piketon, Ohio Sacred via we also find both of these numbers used in the construction of these works.  The walls of the Sacred Via were 1080 feet in length.

These earthen wall extended from the sacred via. 420 + 240 = 660.  420 + 420 + 240 = 1080. 212 X pi = 666!

210 X pi = 660.  You can see how these numbers were used consistently in the construction of the Ohio earthworks in accordance with the Gematria numerical Codex.