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Top Seven Ancient Giant Nephilim Skeletons Discovered in Missouri

 Top Seven Ancient Giant Skeletons Discovered in Missouri

Seven Historical Accounts of Giant Skeletons (Nephilim)  Discovered in Missouri

Ancient Giant Humans Discovered in Missouri

Giant Skeletons Discovered in Bates County, Missouri

Butler Weekly Times., October 10, 1883,
A Giant Skeleton.
   George Arnold, 'a farmhand in the employ of Franklin Boots, who lives about fifteen miles west of this city, made a discovery that has excited wide-spread interest in this country. The object of this interest is the skeleton of what once was a man of gigantic proportions, which was uncovered in a gravel pit on Mr. Boot's farm...

Giant Skeletons Discovered in Boone County, Missouri

History of Boone County, Missouri 1882
    In this vault lay a large skeleton. It measured seven inches across the forehead and the size of the of the other bones was in proportion... 

Giant Skeletons Discovered in Buchanon County, Missouri

The Sedalia Democrat (Sedalia, Missouri) November 23, 1925
   Washington, Nov. 3 – The giant Indian skeleton found near St. Joseph, Mo., cana harldy be that of a Maya from southern Mexico or Guatemala, in the opinion of Dr. Sylvanus G. Morley, of the Carnegie Institution, an authority on Maya archaeology...

Giant Skeletons Discovered in Christian County, Missouri

The Waco Evening News (Waco, Texas) February 26, 1894
They Are Supposed to be Delaware Indians Buried Long Ago
   Ozark, Missouri, Feb., 26 - There is a little cave in the bluffs of Finley Creek, about two miles north of Ozark, which Bruce McCord was cleaning out for a cellar. Under a layer of limestone and beneath about six inches of earth he found two humans, one measuring 7 feet in length. The skull was of a gigantic size and very thick.

Giant Skeletons Discovered in Dunklin County, Missouri

History of Dunklin County, Missouri 1896
   The mounds and other ancient earthworks constructed by this people are abundant in Southeastern Missouri. Some are quite large, but the greater part of them are small and inconspicuous...
   In the north part, and, in fact, nearly all over the county at comparatively short distances, these mounds are very noticeable. Extra large-sized human bones, skulls, earthen pots, rude ornaments, and various implements have been exhumed from many of these mounds.

Giant Skeletons Discovered In Greene County, Missouri

Morning Herald, Uniontown, Pennsylvania December 27, 1934
Eight Giant Skeletons Unearthed
   Springfield, Mo., Dec. 26-Discovery of eight giant human skeletons arranged in four layers so that each pair formed a cross, in a shallow Indian mound near here apparently shed new light on religious customs of prehistoric tribes who once inhabited the Ozarks.

Giant Skeletons Discovered in Jefferson County, Missouri

Marietta Daily Leader, (Marietta, Ohio) December 2, 1900
Skeletons of Prehistoric Men, Ten Feet Tall, Dug Up in Missouri
   The fossils of three human beings, evidently prehistoric giants were found near Monteseno, Mo., the other day by C.H. Beehler, a farmer, at the depth of 40 feet. The size of the skulls indicates that the bodies must have been at least ten feet high, and the bones, resembling those of a human skeleton, seem to bear out this theory...

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