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Delaware County, Indiana: The Ancient Land of the Nephilim Giants


Delaware County, Indiana: The Ancient Land of the Nephilim Giants

Indiana Geological Survey 1881

Delaware County, Indiana
  The Indians used many of the hills as burial places; bones have been discovered which from their size would indicate that they belonged to a race of giants.

Quarterly Magazine Now and Then, 1888 
   The Muncie Daily Times a year or two ago stated that "One of these mounds located three miles from Muncie was opened not long ago and found to be a sepulchral mound and contained the skeleton of a man who in life must have been a giant, at least nine feet high." This "big Indian story" would be hard to believe if giants about as great in stature did not exist in recent times.

Evening Star, September 14, 1897, 
   M.G. Mock of Muncie Ind., who has a large collection of Indian and Moundbuilders relic and curiosities, was at the Smithsonian Institution yesterday. Mr. Mock has probably 10,000 objects in his collection, which he has gotten together simply to gratify a taste of his own in this regard. He has been making the collection for thirteen years and is exceedingly proud of his acquisitions. Whenever Mr. Mock is in Washington he visits the Smithsonian to have a chat with the heads of the department of prehistoric anthropology, compare notes with them and examine any new objects of interest which have been secured by the institution since his previous visit.  Mr. Mock has been in mounds in many of the states, delving for the relics of the mysterious race who buried their dead and then erected the mounds as monuments. The more prominent the persons are, too, the more relics are found about them.  Pottery is often found in the mounds, but is generally in imperfect condition. Some of the skeletons found in the mounds have been those of men of gigantic proportions, seven feet or more in height." Mr. Mock is a prominent member of the Order of Red Men and was passing through Washington to attend the convention in Philadelphia. For more Indiana giants