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Advanced Race of Giants Once Inhabited Alaska


Advanced Race of Giants Once Inhabited Alaska

Other giants have been found in Alaska whosr artifacts are identical to those of the Maritime Archaic that spread from northern Europe to northeast America and apparently as far as Alaska. : Giant Human Remains Uncovered in the Aleutian Islands

The San Francisco call., August 24, 1909

Evidence of Superior Race in the Northwest Thousands of Years Ago The Highest Type of Humanity Once Existed in the North

PORT TOWNSEND. Wash., Aug.;23. —
   News is brought, by the United States revenue cutter Tahoma, which reached Puget Sound today after steaming around the world from Baltimore, that a party of anthropologists headed by Dr. Waldemar Yochelson, a noted Russian explorer, and encountered at the island of Attu in the Aleutian archipelago, has discovered relics and giant skeletons that would establish the record of population of Northwestern North America during prehistoric ages.  
    In statement to Captain Quinan of the Tahoma Dr. Yochelson told of differences from the present civilization on the islands which the relics uncovered would establish completely a belief that thousands of years ago the highest type of humanity existing in the new world existed In the north.
    The search of the party is directed by the Royal  Russian geographical society and will be continued several  years  before a formal report is made in St. Petersburg. The report is also brought that the Bogoslov islands in the Bering sea, the field of numerous changes through volcanic eruptions, is now  undergoing further marked configurations.