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Archaeologists Dig Up Giant Skeletons with Flat Heads (Neanderthals) with Giant Teeth

 Archaeologists Dig Up Giant Skeletons with Flat Heads (Neanderthals) with Giant Teeth

This region was rich in giant skeletal remains.  www.nephilimgiants.net : Ancient Race of Giant Humans Uncovered in New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts

The Evening World., August 19, 1922

Skeletons of Stone Age Men

Are Dug Prehistoric Inhabitants of Nutmeg State Were Flat Heads of Great Strength and Huge Teeth.

      BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Aug. 19. Two complete skeletons, believed to have belonged to inhabitants of the earth in the Stone Age, are said to have been unearthed by a band of archaeologists, headed by Prof. Warren King Moorehcad, near the Housntonic River, at Laurel Beach.
    The professor and his assistants have been digging in this section for some time and claim discovery of a number of indications that the section was once inhabited by a forgotten race.
   Both skeletons appear to be well preserved. The bones are rough, denoting great strength, the skulls are flat and both possess a perfect set of teeth of unusual size.
    Prof. Moorehead said It was his belief the bodies were buried In salt water sevcral thousand years ago, which accounts for their preservation.  He also expressed the hope that he and his assistants would soon locate a burial ground of a tribe of an ancient race.