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Homer, Ohio in Licking County: Valley of the Giants

Homer, Ohio in Licking County Giants Tombs

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Nephilim's Graveyard of the Kings near the Newark, Ohio Earthworks Located in a small town, north of Newark, Ohio have been found gigantic human remains in all of the burial mounds.  In one of the mounds,  a megalithic bee-hive tomb with a keystone at the top was uncovered. 

The large burial mound at Homer, Ohio is visible in the foreground. Across the road is the city cemetery where two henges or earthen sun temples were described near the creek bank.  The creek has carved out this peninsula that overlooks the northern bottomlands

  Licking County, Ohio
History of Licking County, Ohio 1881
The largest and most entire is at the village of Homer. Perhaps fifty years ago, a party of five or six settlers agreed to examine this mound in search of curiosities. They dug down about fifteen feet, but found nothing of value. In 1824 near an old fort, the outlines of which are still visible, on the bank of the creek adjoining the Homer Cemetery, a very large human skeleton was found. It is stated that the jawbone would go over the face of the largest man present, with two hands placed between. Along the highland were once numerous mounds. In this mound at Homer 3 Nephilim skeletons were uncovered, two being over 7 feet and one over 8.

Skeletons Seven Feet Long
Centerburg, Ohio. May 4 - Licking County has been for year a favorite field for students of Indian history, there being here two old forts and scores of mounds. Last week a small mound near Homer was opened by some schoolboys, who found skeletons.  Today further search was made and several feet below the surface of the earth in a large vault, with stone floor and bark covering, were found four huge skeletons, three being each over seven feet in length and the other eight.  The skeletons lay with their feet to the east on a bed of charcoal in which were numerous partially burned bones.  About the neck of the largest skeletons was a lot of stone beads, evidently a necklace in life.  The grave contained about 80 stone vessels an implement, the most striking being a curiosity wrought pipe the bowl having a series of carved figures upon it representing a contest between animals is said to be the only engraved stone pipe ever found.  A stone kettle holding about a gallon in which was the residue of saline matter bears evidence of much skill.  Their bows and a number of arrows, stone hatchets, and among the implements.  The knife os of peculiar shape, with a curved blade and wooden handle. New York Times May 5, 1885

Beehive tombs within a burial mound in North Carolina that contained a large skeleton over 7 feet in height.  Megalithic structures within burial mounds associated with the Adena, may result in revising their appearance back to 2000-2500 B.C.  Licking County, Ohio

History of Licking County, Ohio 1881
      One is on the farm formerly owned by Robert Fulton, one mile west of Homer. There were three mounds here, but one was plowed away and leveled in the preparation of the ground upon which to build the house, so that two only remain upon this place. Under the center of one of these was discovered, some years since, a circular building of stone, about ten feet in diameter and three feet in height, regularly built, dome-shaped, and having on the top as keystone a large stone.  For a larger list of giants found in Ohio,