Monday, May 1, 2023

Mysterious Ancient Spirit Stones in Wabash County, Indiana


 Mysterious Ancient Spirit Stones in Wabash County, Indiana   

   A series of prehistoric Sacred stones bowls cut into rock and boulders have been discovered in the upper Wabash drainage that includes the Missisinewa River.  The sacred nature of the stones is revealed by the existence of a spring next to one of the bowls. Springs are evident at many mounds and earthwork sites and are evidence of Earth Mother worship.   These bowls are likely Iroquois dating to 800 A.D. A "V" shaped stone fish (eel) weir is located near these sites that were constructed by the Onieda and Onondaga Iroquois in New York to catch eels and fish : Oneida - Onondaga Iroquois Eel Weir on the Eel River in Wabash County, Indiana 800 A.D

  Wabash River stone with a bowl carved in the top.  This photo was taken December 23, as the sun rose over the riverbank it was in alignment with the boulder.  

This is the stone bowl on the Mississinewa River that is adjacent to a spring

Another stone bowl is part of series of boulders that are next to an oblong subterranean stone enclosure also located on the Mississsinewa River. The boulder with the bowl is the white colored stone. This is the only stone enclosure in northern Indiana or Ohio. The purpose of the stonework surrounding a four-foot hole is a mystery.

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