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Ten Foot Giant Human Nephilim Remains Uncovered Near Akron, Ohio

  Ten Foot Giant Human Nephilim Remains Uncovered Near Akron, Ohi0

A  County map of the 121 giant human skeletons discovered in Ohio www.nephilimgiants.net : Map of Nephilim Giants Discovered in Ohio: 125 Historical Accounts

The Evening Times, September 8, 1899 

     A find of incalculable value to science has been made at a stone quarry three miles northwest of the city. The find consists of a skeleton of a gigantic man, believed to have lived in prehistoric times and relics of a time when civilization was just beginning to dawn. In clearing away refuse quarrymen found the almost complete skeleton of a man. The skull was entire and the lower jawbone of such proportion as to easily fit over the outside of the jaw of the largest modern man. Ribs were found and also fingers and the larger pelvis bone, which was broken in two. It is believed the man must have been at least ten feet in height. In addition to the remains of the human being there were found deer antlers, bears' claws, many kinds of teeth, remains of foxes and several lower jawbones resembling those of a wolf. Pieces of very rude pottery were scattered about and a mortar and pestle were found.