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Giant Nephilim Neanderthal Hybrid Uncovered and Described by a Missouri Judge


Giant Nephilim Neanderthal Hybrid Uncovered and Described by a Missouri Judge


An eight foot Dakota Sioux Hopewell mound builder's skeleton is also found in Missouri : Eight-Foot Giant Dakota Sioux Hopewell Mound Builder's Skeleton is Discovered in Iowa.

Isis Unveiled, 1877 
Giant Neanderthal Hybrid Discovered

    As we write, there appears in an American newspaper, The Kansas City Times, an account of important discoveries of the remains of a prehistoric race of giants which corroborates the statements of Kabalists and the Bible allegories at the same time. It is worth preserving, in his researches among the forests of Western Missouri, Judge E. P. West has discovered a number of conical-shaped mounds similar in construction to those in Ohio and Kentucky. These burial mounds are found upon the high bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, the largest and more prominent being found in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Until about three weeks ago it was not suspected that the mound builders had made this region their home in prehistoric days, but now it is discovered that this strange and extinct race once occupied this land, and have left an extensive graveyard in a number of high mounds upon Clay County bluffs.

   As yet, only one of these mounds has been opened. Judge West discovered a skeleton about two weeks ago and made a report to other members of the society. They accompanied him to the mound, and not far from the surface excavated and took the remains of two skeletons. The bones are very large, in fact, when compared with an ordinary skeleton of modern date, they appear to have formed part of a giant. The head bones, such as have not rotted away, are monstrous in size. The lower jaw of one skeleton is in a state of preservation and is double the size of the jaw of a civilized person. The teeth in this jaw-bone are large, and appear to have been ground down and worn away by contact with roots and carnivorous foods. The jaw-bone indicates immense muscular strength. The thigh bone, when compared with that of ordinary modern skeletons, looks like that of a horse. The length, thickness, and muscular development are remarkable. But the most peculiar part about the skeleton is the frontal bone. It is very low, and differs radically from any ever seen in this section before. It forms one thick ridge of bone about one inch wide, extending across the eyes. It is narrow but rather heavy ridge of bone, which, instead of extending upward, as it does in these days of civilization, receded back from the eyebrows, forming a flat head, and thus indicates a very low order of mankind. It is the opinion of the scientific gentlemen who are making these discoveries that the bones are remains of prehistoric men.