Monday, July 17, 2023

Shawnee Indians Translate Ken - Tuck - ee as "The River of Blood."


Shawnee Indians Translate Ken - Tuck - ee  as "The River of Blood."

The Shawnee history talks about an ancient white of mound builders who were slaughtered on Sandy Island on the Ohio River.  Afterwards, they were terrified of the spirits in the lands of Kentucky and West Virginia and would even historically times, refuse to live there.  Shawnee claim the burial mounds were built by fierce white warriors. : Kanawha Valley "Occupied by a Fierce Race of White Warriors" According to the Shawnee Indians: Deny Building the Mounds and Earthworks.

   These whites, after a series of bloody contest with the Indians, had been exterminated; that the old burial places were the graves of an unknown people; and that the old forts had not been built by Indians, but had come down from ' a very long ago' people, who were of a white complexion and skilled in the arts'. 
       In addition to this tradition testimony, various striking traces of a deadly conflict have been found all along the Ohio border... General Clark declares that "Ken-tuck-ee" in the language of the Indians signifies 'the river of blood.'

      Ken-tuck-e, to the Indian, was a land of ill repute, and, wherever a lodge fire blazed, 'strange and unholy rumors' were busy with her name. The old Indian who described to Colonel Moore the sanguinary and decisive battle of Sandy Island expressed great astonishment that white people could live in a country which had once been the scene of such conflicts; and an ancient Sac, whom Colonel Joe Hamilton Davies met at St. Louis in 1800, gave utterance to similar expressions of surprise. Kentucky, he said was filled with ghost of its slaughtered inhabitants, how could the white man make it his home?