Wednesday, August 30, 2023

A Photographic Tour of Eight Burial Mounds in Athens County, Ohio: Six Never Have Been Photographed


A Photographic Tour of Eight Burial Mounds in Athens County, Ohio: Six Never Have Been Photographed       

These are just a few of the remains of the Mound Builders in Athens, County, Ohio. where None of these sites are preserved.  Giant human skeletons were found in several of the burial mounds in Athens County, to Giant Human Skeletons in Ohio. One acccount of many of giant skeletons discovered in Athens County, Ohio. : More Ancient Giant Human Remains Discovered in Athens County, Ohio

Large Adena mound that is located within the henge complex located north of the city of Athens, Ohio. Only a few block from this burial mound was another where the town's High School was built. In the leveling of the mound a giant skeleton was found. More Info here.

Adena Henge complex that included a henge that was 210 feet in diameter that is the same size as henges at Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana, Cambridge City Indiana and Chillicothe, Ohio. This henge complex dates to around 200 A.D., coinciding when the star Polaris becomes visible in the night sky as the “North Star.” 

The mounds to the left of the road have a similarity in spacing to the constellation, Ursa Minor. Four of the henges gateways are aligned to the north furthering the notion that the henges were being used to track the movements of the night sky. For the historical description of this henge group.

This burial mound is also located north of Athens, at the Plains.  It was originally much larger, but reduced from excavations by the Ohio Historical Society. 

  Large Adena Burial Mound that has a house on top, near Coolville, Ohio. In the paranormal world, this would not be the best place to build a house. For more information on the haunting of this house along with a giant skeletons found in a nearby mound.

Many of the burial mounds in Athens county, Ohio are about 35 to 50 feet in diameter. This burial mound is located near Amesville.

This Adena burial mound situated on an  upland, near Millfield, appeared to have never been excavated.

This loaf shaped Adena burial mound was much originally much larger, but has been reduced from years of farming.

Originally this must have been a sizeable Adena burial mound, but has been reduced by farming.

This one of two mounds that are still visible, near Millfield in Athens county.