Saturday, September 9, 2023

Ancient Iroquois Earthen Fortification (800 A.D.) and Adena Burial Mounds (500 B.C.) within Highbanks Park in Columbus, Ohio

 Ancient Adena Earthen Fortification in Columbus, Ohio

Highbanks Earthwork
Located in Highbanks Metro Park, north of Columbus, Ohio.  There are also two Adena burial mounds within the park. This is one of the largest earthworks in this part of Ohio. There is also a large burial mound just outside of Columbus with another burial that can be seen behind a house a hundred yards away. : Hidden Ohio. Two Ancient Burial Mounds Southeast of Columbus in Pickerington

The Highbank work was constructed by the Iroquois about 800 A.D.  Two early Iroquois burial mounds are also within the park. The Iroquois had assimilated many of the Adena burial and material culture and is many times misidentified by archaeologist.

Two Adena mounds can also be found along the trails of Highbank Park.