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The Birth of the Sun god on the Winter Solstice at Mounds State Park


The Birth of the Sun God on the Winter Solstice at Mounds State Park

December 21, The Birth of The Sun god at Mounds State Park
It is evident that the Adena and Hopewell expended the most effort at the Mounds State Park, henge complex in the alignment of the winter solstice sunrise that occurs mostly on December 22 and the summer solstice sunset that occurs on June, 22. The winter solstice is the longest night of the year and the shortest day with the solar opposite being the summer solstice where it is the longest duration of sunlight of the year and the shortest night. Each of the solar events were celebrated and the moment of the sunrise or set captured within the alignments of the gateways of the earthworks or the positioning of the earthworks themselves.
More concealed within Mounds State Park is the evidence of an Earth Mother cult associated with the birth of the sun. These findings and interpretations are based on widespread antediluvian symbolism and myths associated with the winter solstice sunrise. All of which share much of the symbolism associated with a Sun Cult.

Aryan Sun-Myths, The Origin of Religions 1889
As the hour of the Sun's birth draws near, the mother becomes more beautiful, her
form more
 brilliant, while the dungeon is filled with heavenly light, as when Zeus came to Danae in a golden shower.  
We read in the Protovangelion Apocrypha that when Christ was born, there was a great light in the cave, so that their eyes could not bear it.  Nearly all the             Sun-gods are represented as having been born in a cave or a dungeon.  This is the dark abode from which the wandering Sun starts in the morning.  At his birth a   halo of  serene light encircles his cradle as the Sun appears early dawn in the East, in all its splendor.  
The Birth of the Sun God at Mounds State Park in Indiana
              And when the Sun rose, they wondered how, just born, he was so mighty.
In the words of the Veda:---
Will the powers of darkness be conquered by the god of light?

Photo of the cave located beneath located at the bottom of the bluff, beneath the earthwork complex. 
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