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Giant Horned Nephilim Race Discovered In Toledo, Ohio


Giant Horned Nephilim Race Discovered In Toledo, Ohio

See a map that shows where all of the horned giants were discovered : Giants With Horns Map in Adena Mound Builder Lands

Fort Wayne News, April 20, 1898


Workmen Make a Remarkable Discovery
Toledo, Ohio.
Toledo Ohio- April 20. —Workmen in the employ of the Ferguson Construction company excavating for the new Toledo and Ottawa Beach railroad, a little beyond the city limits, unearthed three skeletons, evidently relics of some great race, as they were, about seven feet in length. Just where the ears should be on the head are singular bony protuberances that curl forward. The finds were made in the solid yellow day about eight feet be below the surface. The cut is through a large mound, not half of which has yet been torn up. Several stone tomahawks of large size have been picked up in the locality.